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If you follow my blog, you know I recently went to NYC to attend the Digital Book World 2013 conference. The mornings were jam-packed with experts presenting their invaluable research. Here are some of the most interesting stats I learned about the e-book biz...

- 20% of readers read 80% of all books
- 10% of book buyers do 50% of book recommending to friends
- By Dec. 2014, e-books are predicted to reach 1/2 of book sales
- 60% of books buyers are women, age 38-49, 50% are married with kids
- average e-book price paid $5.50
- 40% of e-books are priced between $0 - $1.99
- Of all the social media options out there, Amazon, Facebook, Goodreads, and author websites have the highest conversion rates (i.e. turning clicks into sales)
- USA public libraries will spend $90M on e-books in 2013 (I love libraries!)
- 71% of e-book buyers use libraries for book discoverability
- Book exporting: 750 million people outside of USA & Canada speak English -- there's a market out there people!

Interesting, huh? Told ya. 


2013-02-22 14:02:59 - Stacey
Thanks for the comments, Mike!
2013-02-22 11:43:26 - mike coony
Stacey, well done. "Give me the facts and nothing but the facts" - remind you of a TV detective perhaps - a long time ago? You saved so many of us a footsore trip to the Big Apple. That was a thought provoking stat 71% of e-book buyers look in libraries. And I am one of the 750 million English speakers out there.
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