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I feel like I'm in a time warp. Days and months are flying by in the blink of an eye (hey, that rhymes), and I haven't published a new blog post in what seems like forever! So to quickly get back on top of things, I am going to share with you my curated list of the top news stories, industry buzz, and advice for indie authors that I found last month and shared via my Twitter and Facebook feeds.


15 Successful Entrepreneurs Share the Most Important Lessons They Learned in Their 20s, by Richard Feloni for the

Judging a Book by Its Cover: What Book Publicists--and Media--Want to See on the Outside of a Book, by Sandra Poirier Smith for

E-Books Get a Makeover: Amazon and Google are rolling out new fonts designed not only to look better on screen but to make reading easier on the eye, by Jennifer Maloney for

Musicians Have Taylor Swift. Who's Championing Fairness for Writers?, by Lorraine Devon Wilke for

Will Book Publishers Ever Start Fact-checking?, by Boris Kachka for

AuthorBuzz Founder M.J. Rose's Best Practices for Marketing, by Edward Nowatka for Publishing Perspectives


And a bonus article that is so very pleasing to the eyes:

Book Art Is Awesome: Folded Edition, by Nikki Steele on


Stacey D. Atkinson is a freelance editor and author of Stuck, a novel she published via her independent company Mirror Image Publishing.

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