Stacey D. Atkinson


Today's lovely purple ink, or course

Editing a manuscript is brutal, but must be done. The eternal search for a polished read...


2013-02-24 12:28:49 - Stacey
Thanks for the suggestion to start an email list. You'll notice it's now up and running. Cheers!!
2013-02-24 10:47:11 - Lorraine Reguly
I love purple ink, too! I just bought four new pens: pink, purple, green and neon blue. I would like to keep in touch; I am a new blogger who is also pursuing a writing career. My blog is called Lorraine Reguly's Life and I would like for you to visit it. I am also new to the net; I have only had my laptop for less than 2 months. My blog is at I also am wondering why you do not have an email list going. This is one important thing you need...or do you have one and I somehow missed it? Please let me know. Thanks.
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