8 ways to sell your book on Amazon

Last month I attended the incredibly useful Independent Book Publishers Association conference in Chicago. It provided two jam-packed days of brain squishing, however, one presentation in particular really stood out for me. The talk was given by successful independent author, Aaron Patterson, who is also a brilliant entrepreneur.

I've provided below a simple listing of the 8 secrets he revealed to selling and ranking your book on Amazon. If you are thinking about self publishing, I highly recommend you follow his advice!

1. Consider joining the Kindle Direct program for additional benefits and marketing of your book.

2. Print books directly with CeateSpace, Amazon's print shop, or set up an Advantage account to ship books directly from your printer to the Amazon warehouse. 

3. Use the Search Inside the Book function to increase discoverability of your book.

4. Write your book description specifically for Amazon's algorithms, in order to increase the chances of your book popping up when readers search for similar books. For example, make sure to include your book genre/category name.

5. Always hire a professional to create your book cover and make sure it matches other books in your category. Remember, you're competing for sales with books coming out of major publishing houses in New York.

6. High spikes in sales trigger the Amazon Ranking machine, so think of a way to promote your book so fans will by it all around the same time. 

7. Tuesdays and Thursdays, during the 3rd week of the month, are the best days for online sales.

8. Make the most of Author Central, and link it to your other social media (blogs, Twitter, Facebook)

That's it -- couldn't be simpler, right!

Stacey Atkinson is currently working on her first novel Stuck, and plans to release it under her independent publishing company Mirror Image Publishing. 

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