Bad habits

Lately, I've developed some bad habits when reviewing my manuscript, and I thought I would share them with you as a sort of cathartic clearing of the mind. Perhaps this will help me shed these unwanted tics that keep me from finalizing my book. I now send these bad habits out into the universe and hope they get lost and do not return to me.

Here goes:

1. I begin reading and get stuck on the first paragraph, obsessing over how terrible it is. But this happens every time I start I am thinking it's more like a weird form of performance anxiety. 

2. I'm psyched about my great progress working through the book, but after an hour I count back to see I've only edited three pages. Then I get discouraged and make a snack.

3. I decide to go downstairs to the leather chair to work, then I shift around in my seat and decide it's better to be upstairs in my office. Then repeat.

4. I catch a tricky little grammar problem and think I am a brilliant editor. Then I realize I've missed that same error the first seven times I read through the manuscript and feel lousy. 

5. I find a new grammar problem to tackle and spend the rest of the time researching it in reference books...and then get carried away with reading all the other stuff I don't know about when it comes to the English language..ugh

6. My mom calls and I pick up the phone.

7. My cat needs attention so I turn on the TV to entertain him.

8. And finally...the worst one of all...I doubt myself.

Phew! Now that I've revealed all of my awful habits, I will now aspire to move on, renew my confidence, and get back to work! 

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