Can you be your own editor?

Last week, I signed up for an Editing 101 course at Simon Fraser University (BC). It was a desperate attempt to try and stop the madness of this endless book editing that now consumes me.

I've been writing my book, STUCK, for a long time, including countless hours of re-reading, correcting, and moving sentences around this way and that. And every time I finish an edit, I think that this is the last one. I can't imagine how I could possibly find more mistakes or ideas that need development. But then I go down the rabbit hole for one last look and come out the other side a month later in a psychotic daze, wondering what the hell just happened to me. 

After much reflection, I've come to know these four editing truths.

1. Editing is endless when done by you on your own work. 

2. You will 100% make errors that your tired eyes will not catch and you do not want to go to print like that. You need a second pair of eyes to look over your work. 

3. Knowing how to edit is a good thing so take a class. It'll reduce your errors and give you an appreciations of what copy editors do and what to expect from them.

4. Stop the madness. Spend the money and hire a copy editor and proofreader so you can do what you do best...write books. 

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