Editing is hard

I've edited my manuscript so many times that I've quite literally lost count. I think I'm on edit #6?

It all started a long, long time ago in the land of Naïveté, when I thought I had a complete draft ready for a copy-edit. I hired a lovely editor from Yarmouth, NS, to review my book and I soon learned that a) I had no idea how to properly use a hyphen*, and b) I had a meandering character voice and a section of boring descriptions about the town and the local beach, which necessitated a serious rewrite. Needless to say, what I learned from the experience was that what I really needed was a developmental editor. 

So fast-forward to today. The kinks in the book have been worked out, chapters rearranged, and character voices now clear and consistent with stronger foreshadowing. Yet, I continue to have a manuscript replete with awkward sentences, too many 'to be' verbiage, and a lack of polish.

Or, am I my own worst critic?


* I am now following the 13-page guide (!!) on how to use a hyphen by the Chicago Manual of Style  

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