Ready, set (sweat)...launch!

The book launch party. Never has there been a triad of words that have caused so much excitement and anxiety for authors. As I near my own book launch time, I struggle with the ups and downs of planning a party in celebration of myself...

It's time to just get over it already and accept the fact that a book launch party is a good thing. It's true that most writers are the quiet, creative, introverted type, and the thought of being their own salesperson makes them want to crawl out of their skin. But a launch party is a necessary part of the book selling business, and with the right frame of mind, it can be a really amazing experience. 

Here are some tips to help you get pumped about planning your book launch party:

1. Celebrate. You only have one chance to launch a new book, so take it.

2. Give yourself a break. You've worked years to finish your book, so be proud of your accomplishment. You deserve a day with family, friends, and fans to celebrate your success. 

3. Get organized. Make a list of things to do in three main categories: pre-launch, launch day, and post-launch. 

4. Set a budget. Whatever your budget is, it doesn't matter. Just know how much money you have to work with and do the most you can with it. 

5. Follow the 1 to 3 rule. If you want 10 people to show up at your event, then you need to invite 30.

6. Connect with people via social media. Consider starting a Facebook event page, sending out an invite to your email contacts, posting the event on your website, and announcing it on Twitter. Also consider starting a crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo to pre-sell books.  

7. Issue a press release. Hire a publicist, or do your own press release to announce your book launch party (a call to action) and send out the release to your local market media.

8. Incentive. Offer your book at a discount (25% off) during your launch party as a treat for those who took the time to celebrate with you.

9. Piggy back. Time your book launch to coincide with another local event, such as a writer's festival, and benefit from the extra people coming into the bookstore already primed to buy books.   

10. And lastly, have fun, take pictures, give a short thank-you speech, and enjoy the day!


Here are a few articles with more useful planning tips for your book launch party. 

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Good luck!

Stacey D. Atkinson is preparing to release her debut novel Stuck this September through the independent Mirror Image Publishing. 


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