The story behind the logo for Mirror Image Publishing

If you've been following my blog, you know that last December I quit my job to be a writer. Then soon afterwards, I decided to self-publish my first book. In order to do this, I started an indie publishing company, which meant I had to choose a meaningful company name, and design a logo as a statement of what the company was all about. 

To come up with a name for my company, I had two goals:

1) the name had to refer in some way to writing or publishing

2) the name had to be meaningful to me.

So after weeks of existential thought and brooding over the pages of the thesaurus, I finally arrived at three words that I felt truly represented what my company was all about. It would serve as a reminder that each day I would work hard, conduct business with honesty and integrity, and always be able to look myself in the mirror and be happy with the choices I've made in my work. I would never again fall into the trap of working for someone else at a job that I didn't believe in.

The new company name was going to be Mirror Image Publishing.

Next, I needed a logo.

I naturally turned to my sister, Lynn, to help me out since she runs a social media marketing company (Cyber PR Army) and she creates web designs and logos all the time. You can see below what she came up with.

Mirror Image Publishing Logo (design #1)

I really liked how she played with the symbol of the typewriter, which automatically brought forth the idea of writing. I also thought it was clever how she wrote the company name in courier font like it had been typed on the page. However, I soon realized that this logo was missing something very important. It didn't represent how I was an e-publisher focusing on e-books. It didn't look quite modern enough.

So I went back to the drawing board and really thought about my brand. I needed a logo design that would speak to writing, publishing, modernity, and my commitment to only working on projects that I believed in. Then, taking inspiration from the typewriter keys in the first design, the logo was transformed into the following.

Mirror Image Publishing Logo

And there you have it! A reflection of what my company is all about. 

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