What I'm going to do on vacation to make me a better writer and editor

Can. Hardly. Wait. For. Vacation.

In a week, I'll be heading back home to the Maritimes to get my fill of salty air, ocean swimming, family time, really friendly people, and hammock slothing. I've also added a few extra days onto the trip to take the long way home, driving around the Gaspé Peninsula for some Quebec maritime culture, sightseeing and whale watching. Needless to say, it's going to be amazing, and a perfect recharge for the mind and body.

While I refuse to make any concrete plans for my vacation, I do have three specific intentions in mind that will be my guiding principles for my time off. I believe that by doing nothing, something great just might come from it.  

1. Read for fun. 

I can't wait to read the Divergent trilogy. Yes, I said it. Divergent + 3 books. Being a dystopian, sci-fi, young adult series, it's exactly what I need and want to read on vacation. Perfect for the beach, cottage, and porch chair. 

2. Sit and do nothing.

We've all heard the benefits of meditation and how a clear mind can help with problem solving, but it is rare (at least for me) to not be thinking about anything and everything all at the same time. I am purposefully going on vacation to have long bouts of nothingness, where I just sit, lie, swim, or walk with an empty mind.

3. Celebrate.

Life can get unnecessarily busy and frantic, especially when you run your own business. So it's my goal for vacation to go with the flow, be open to impromptu and unplanned experiences (gasp!), and to make sure to have fun. A couple of for-sure fun times will be celebrating Acadian Day on the Pointe-du-Chene Wharf; going to St. James' Gate pub to listen to the best, best, best singer/songwriter Chris Colepaugh play some tunes; and sitting around a beach bonfire with guitars and night stars.

I hope to return to Ontario feeling invigorate, full of new ideas, optimism, and patience.

Stacey D. Atkinson is a freelance editor and author of Stuck, a novel she published via her independent company Mirror Image Publishing.

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