Writing letters in the woods...and skipping rope

Last weekend, I went into the woods to write a letter. Well, actually, I went camping with a bunch of friends and without any cell/internet connection, there wasn't much to do but read, write, and try to stay warm. 

On the first day of camping, I found a quiet perch on a rock beside the lake, and I sat down with pen and paper in hand and began to write. I hadn't done anything like that in years and it was quite nostalgic to see the cursive letters appear on the page as my hand swept over the paper. I was writing a letter to a friend who has found herself in a desperate situation, and I think that the sounds of nature--the rustling trees, the splash of jumping fish, and the wind at my back--helped me connect with her and hopefully offer her some kind words.


Author Stacey D. Atkinson writing a letter in the woods


(p.s. It was unseasonably cold the day this picture was taken, but since we Canadians wait all year for the Civic holiday in August to go camping, we cannot let the weather hold us back. Therefore, about 10 minutes after this picture was taken, I stripped down to my bathing suit and  jumped in the lake. Serious.) 


Later that day, as we were all trying to warm-up, we invented games that involved tying rocks to the end of ropes and throwing them (don't ask). This naturally led to someone suggesting that we use the rope as a 'skipping rope', and it was game on from that point forward. 


Author Stacey D. Atkinson skipping in the woods

Happy summer camping (and writing and skipping) everyone!


Stacey D. Atkinson is preparing to launch her debut novel Stuck, due for release this September by the indie company Mirror Image Publishing.

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